Conservatory Prices – How much does a lean-to conservatory cost?

As one of the most popular types of home extension in the UK, building a new conservatory is not as difficult a process as you may think, but as with most projects, you have to start somewhere and that would likely find out more about designs & installation costs.

Fortunately, you can find cost of what you want from a comparison site that offers information on designs and styles as well as Conservatory Quotes.

After reviewing the site  is is clear that it offers a reasonable level of guidance for the novice and links that up with a facility for getting written quotations from a number of qualified installation companies from all over Great Britain.

Site Features

Conservatory Prices Online

The overall appearance of the site is quite straightforward, with a general introduction to their services at the head and a very clear banner which leave no doubt as to what their main purpose is – and that is to provide a resource for visitors to be able to easily get quotes for the cost of fully fitted conservatories.

If you know more or less what you want in terms of design style then visitors can go straight from the home page to the “get quotes” page directly via a hyper-link in the banner.

In the mid-section of the home page are 3 image links that are lead visitors to a page that gives general info about conservatory designs, Orangery Conservatory designs and the 3rd goes to a style called “lean-to”.

These pages give general descriptions, a list of features, links to to their pages on the site and a quick link to the “get quotes” form where you can get prices.

Getting Conservatory Quotes

this is not a complex process, one page is set up with a short form to complete, thankfully there are not loads of stupid questions to answer or section after section to fill in, broadly they ask for basic no nonsense information such as:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your address
  3. Contact details
  4. Type of quote required

Once you submit the form they will put registered companies directly in touch with you in order to sort out the quotes – it’s not rocket science and does not take much of your time to do.

In terms of the type of company that will be quoting, they make effort to ensure that any company that quotes has current membership of a recognised UK trade body.

In that way you should be dealing only with contractors who have been independently assessed as competent in the relevant skills & services.

Finding Conservatory Prices Online