Can I fit bifold patio doors myself

patio door bifoldTo be honest, I don’t recommend fitting bifold patio doors as a DIY project – with so many features and intricacies of installation, you are better off getting a professional to do the job for you. But, if you insist:

Prior to installing, ensure you get the size by measurements and do it at least twice or more to make sure you get the same reading.

When it comes to installing the doors, these are the steps one should take;
1. You need to remove the existing frame around the opening, preferably using a hammer and pry bar. Make sure you remove the trim carefully so as not to damage it.
2. Unpack the unit to ensure everything is included.
3. Remove all packaging materials and skid board. Do not remove the hanging doors.
4. Read all the instructions provided.
5. Ensure the opening is a perfect square and is level. You should also seal the floor. You can caulk at this step to protect the door.
6. Insert the bottom of the door first. The unit should be levelled from top to bottom.
7. Install the door frames and door assembly. You can use shims at this step. Shim the bottom and top of the door to make it firm.
8. Trim the shims.
9. Add the trim and door detailing.
10. Put strike plates and double check the door placements.

Bifold doors are preferred by many due their visual connection to two rooms and also since they allow privacy. They let a lot of light in and most people prefer having blinds or curtains to add some privacy.

DIY Bifold Patio Door Installation