Bow windows or Bay windows – which suits me the best?

Bow windows or Bay windowsIs it a good idea to use local or national double glazing companies?

The question is one that is very often asked by homeowners replacing their windows, but is it true that ‘local glazing prices ‘are better than those from some of the bigger ‘national’ companies in the UK?

What most consumers tend to base their idea that local double glazing companies offer prices lower than the big names do is because there usually is no ‘professional sales person’ who gets paid a big chunk of commission and so the overhead of the local company is less and so gets passed onto the customer. Whilst this may be the case in some instances, it may not be true for all ‘big names’.

What is true about buying at the lowest double glazing cost you can find, is that in order to get a good deal, you have to be able to stand your ground & negotiate – it would be very rare that there is not some room for an installer to lower the original price offered and if you don’t ask for a better price, you won’t get one.

So the good idea is to get quotes from both local & national companies via a website like

Buying Bay or Bow Windows – Which is Best?