Price Guides For UPVC & Timber Sash Windows

Price Guides For UPVC & Timber Sash Windows

Timber & uPVC Sash Windows Price guides

The kind of windows used in a building/room contributes much to the inside temperature of the room. UPVC nowadays have largely been used and preferred over the traditional metallic, aluminum and wooden doors and windows due to their numerous benefits.

Price Guides For UPVC & Timber Sash WindowsThe benefits of uPVC  Sash windows include;

1. easy to sustain and are durable

made of tough material which makes them very durable compared to the wooden windows. UPVC are also made of a good quality that keeps them out of fading. Cleaning a UPVC window is easy and takes less time.

2. They are relatively cost effective

Compared to the aluminium and wooden windows, UPVC Sash windows are relatively cheaper. The cost includes the installation cost and maintenance cost. UPVC windows are recyclable meaning they can be reused in another building.

3. Consistent room temperature

Unlike aluminium windows, this type of sash window does not conduct heat meaning they do not transmit heat to the inside of the room and this ensures a more consistent internal temperature.

Given all these benefits, its no wonder that using this material in place of timber is becoming more popular in the UK and to give you an idea you should go and look at the 3 bed semi average cost.