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Tailored Fitness Plan

Fitness Plan

Personalised Training Plan,
setting out your personal targets.

Free 45 min Consultation

Free 45 min Consultation

This will determine your personal
nutrition & exercise requirements.

Motivation & Support

Motivation & Support

Motivational support by email & phone to deal with any problems you may face.

Hi I'm Kiera, are you
ready to train with me?

I will work with your strengths to build your confidence & give you that feel good factor.

Kiera works with people of all fitness levels. From those that have never stepped into a gym, to those looking for the next challenge, Kiera offers a range of diverse services to suit all your health & fitness needs.

Bio Interests
  • Age 24 years

  • Level 3 Qualified in Fitness, Health & Nutrition

  • Level 2 Qualified in Fitness, Health & Nutrition

  • Represented North of England in Pole Vaulting

  • Supported NE Linconshire County for Athletics

  • Big athletics & boxing fan

  • Very enthusiastic with all health & fitness

  • Passion to help others achieve fitness goals

  • Promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

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I can give advice & offer you a personalised nutrition plan, which will have you on your way to the perfect you. My nutrition plan will not leave you hungry but it will achieve results so you can look your best.

One of the key factors of living a healthy lifestyle is having the right nutrition. Making the correct choices and sourcing the correct food has a massive influence on your health & wellbeing.

Healthy Eating For Life

There are many misconceptions about the quality and type of foods that make up a healthy eating plan. Often people under eat which reduces their metabolic rate and lowers the rate at which their body burns fat. This means that by drastically reducing your calorie intake you could be increasing your body fat mass. The immediate decrease in weight is often the result of losing lean muscle tissue and dehydration. Losing weight isn’t about eating less. It's important to realise that losing weight and the loss of fat are two different things. Eating healthily isn’t a quick fix, it's learning to make healthy choices for life.

I carefully create your fitness plan based on the initial free 45 minute consultation, which determines your nutrition & exercise requirements.

I will set out a specific At-Home-Program for you to follow, which will be modified and reviewed accordingly on a regular basis, whether it's once or five times weekly. But remember, you are not on your own, I will always support you by email or phone or if you have any problems or queries.

The Benefits Of An Active Life

Apart from it's health benefits exercising on a regular basis can make your day to day activities like carrying shopping bags, going up a flight of stairs or gardening easier. Exercising on a regular basis can help you live longer by keeping your body weight down and helping keep your muscles & joints supple. Exercise can also reduce stress levels, cardio-vascular problems, serious heart diseases and also help prevent osteoporosis and diabetes. Exercise releases endorphins, this triggers what is called an exercise high. This great motivational feeling can help you relax, improves mood, reduces anxiety and your pain threshold.

Most people already know what they should be doing to achieve personal health & fitness, but find it hard to stick to their fitness & nutrition regimes... If you are one of this people, just remember your not on your own.

There’s many reasons why you may fail; tiredness, the overwhelming feeling off a busy gym, lack of willpower & motivation or finding time for yourself if you have a busy lifestyle.

The benefits of having Kiera as your personal trainer

I will motivate and keep you focused on the end result. If you have specific requirements like health conditions, injuries or training goals I will create a individualised fitness plan and work with you to achieve your goals. Working with me is more efficient as you will be spending less time doing ineficient exercises and more time on results focused fitness training. I will help improve your technical skills and show you new ways to exercise, which will not only improve your strength & endurance but also your agility & mental focus. With me you will learn to workout safely & efficiently.

Standard £ 30.00

1 session

EACH session is 60 minutes

Bronze £ 150.00

6 sessions

Buy 5 get 1 FREE session

Silver £ 300.00

12 sessions

Buy 10 get 2 FREE sessions

Gold £ 450.00

18 sessions

Buy 15 get 3 FREE sessions

* Depending on requirements prices may change. Please call 0782 578 8634 for more details.

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